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What a crazy time this is - from Rev Canon Alan Robson

Dear friends of LRSN

As we are going on a long journey I offer this idea/prayer:

What a crazy time this is!

But God, there have been other crazy times. 

Challenges and difficulties and fears have come time and again: We endured. We learned. We healed. 

Help us, to go to peace instead of to pieces.

Help us to be supportive of one another.

Help us to do what we can to keep spirits buoyed.

Give us hope. Give us comfort. Give us strength.

We will navigate these troubling times, and we will rejoice when they are behind us.

Along the way, let us laugh when we can, and cry when we must, and trust all the while in grace equal to every need.

God hear us. God bless us.

Rev Canon Alan Robson, LRSN Trustee