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The voice of our county


Our lovely friends at Wilkin Chapman llp have recorded a wonderful rendition of The Voice of Our County, a poem commissioned last year for the Lincolnshire Rural Charities Dinner and recited then by Catherine Harris, Wilkin Chapman's head of agriculture.

The film will also raise funds for LRSN as the final frame urges us to text LINCSPOEM to 70085 to donate £5.

Written by Grimsby poet Carolyn Doyley, the poem recalls the wonderful landscape, the food we produce and the history of Lincolnshire and was self-filmed near the lawyers' lockdown homes. Wilkin Chapman has a deep-rooted connection to Lincolnshire’s rural landscape and the colleagues are filmed reciting lines reflecting farmers’ dedication and their unstinting efforts to feed a nation.

"Here’s to you", they say. Lisa Boileau, who is a director and LRSN trustee is pictured above; one of her lines is: "You are the day’s first light and the night’s last wink" and then the poem continues "…and every hour in-between."

"The veg box of the nation, whose heart pumps just above sea level, her arteries and veins carved by generations", they say of the county, as they mention some of Lincolnshire’s rural towns and organisations, which are integral to its agricultural past, present and future.

Watch the film now and please help us to support Lincolnshire farming and rural folk and help them get back on track.

LRSN's project manager, Alison Twiddy thanked the Wilkin Chapman team for their support: “We are incredibly grateful to everyone at Wilkin Chapman for thinking of us and for fundraising for our charity. In common with many charities, this year will see difficult financial conditions for LRSN as we’ve been unable to hold our main fund-and awareness-raising events and our friends and supporters who would have been challenging themselves for sponsorship or holding events for us have had their plans dashed.

“Our work with Lincolnshire’s farming and rural families continues through coronavirus and beyond, but the support of the rural community is needed more than ever to enable us to get them back on track.”

Find out how you can help to raise much-needed funds for LRSN by clicking here.