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Reasons to be cheerful

It’s springtime and land work is in full swing, lambing and calving, too. New life is always heartening, and we are so lucky to have Lincolnshire’s beauty and bounty just outside the back door. The hedges and trees are beginning to green up and… it hasn’t rained in over a week, well not seriously, anyway!

There’s a lot to be grateful for and if you don’t read or watch the news too often, and concentrate on the important things in life, it's just possible to be cheerful. At least I’m trying and telling myself that that’s the best way to be.

Taking one day at a time is the maxim for many conditions; for depression, recovering alcoholics, grief after losing a loved one. And I think it’s a good message for us now. It would be easy to slip into despondency given that we are facing three or perhaps even six months of enforced isolation and the scary thoughts of a contagious disease wreaking havoc and challenging even the most resourceful and gallant of our healthcare professionals.

Perhaps just for a few hours we can forget and concentrate on what’s around us. Our families, pets, the garden, a walk around the field, sitting in a warm tractor cab making a grand job of harrowing a field on a sunny day.

It’s the little things that will see us through and being thankful for them. It’s a Facetime call with your grandchildren or getting a text from a neighbour, or a phone call from a friend: “How are you, are you well, do you need anything?” Looking after each other.

Adversity brings out the best in us – remember the floods last year or the snows of 2013 or the Beast from the East? Roads cleared; fodder transported. Teamwork.

As an industry, farming is vital, as a community, we are taking our responsibilities very seriously. We’re working together to produce the nation’s food, doing what we’ve always done in all weathers, at all hours. For the love of it.

Let’s be thankful for the small things and get on with doing the big things. Here’s to us, Lincolnshire’s #farmyarmy. Cheers!