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Marathon challenge - an update from our gallant runners

LRSN supporters Chris Hewis and Kelly Hewson-Fisher had been training over the winter in order to run marathons to raise funds for LRSN.

Chris was looking forward to running in Paris on 5 April and on the same day, Kelly would have run the Manchester Marathon. But, as their blogs, below, will tell, coronavirus and injuries have put paid to this year’s efforts.

However, as you can read below, plans are afoot for running activities to recommence once there are events to enter and we hope to get up an LRSN team to run in our specially produced running vests.

Kelly says:

I have made the really difficult decision not to run Manchester Marathon on the postponed date in October. I have struggled to run from last Autumn, an X-ray and MRI have shown I have a misshaped left hip with osteoarthritis and thickening of the bones, this coupled with the Lupus I already have, causes a lot of pain. I manage to reach 6 miles but unfortunately, the wheels then fall off.

If I continued to train for a marathon I run the risk of further damage. All is not lost though, I have been advised I can run up to 10k (6 miles) if pain allows; therefore, once things settle I will, along with other LRSN runners, look for local 10ks to continue to raise awareness of LRSN.

During these difficult times I am keeping up with the running, aiming for 3-5 miles just a couple of times a week, I find that anything which allows me to get outside and breathe in the fresh air helps with my positive mental health. I look forward to returning to normality when I can enjoy the Lincolnshire Wolds on my doorstep am able to explore them on foot or on my bike.

Read Chris’s blog:

The cancellation of all races that I'd entered this year has left me in a strange position of being trained and ready to go, but with nowhere to go. Of course, that is all so insignificant in the scheme of things, with everything that is going on this year. The last event I took part in was a 30k race at Stamford in February, which I really enjoyed.

I would still really like to run the Paris Marathon, but the rescheduled date is not going to be convenient for me due to work on the farm, so I plan to enter again for Spring 2021. I have now received the exclusive LRSN running vests, so I think it would be great to see a group of runners all in these fantastic tops at a local 10k race and of course, fundraising to mark the achievement, so if you are already a runner or think you would like to take on the challenge for LRSN, then get in touch with the team.

If you would like to know more about running with LRSN, please get in touch, email Sophie or Alison on