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A little laughing matter

In the spirit of LRSN, our Project Manager, Alison Twiddy and Health and Wellbeing Lead, Gilly Steel are keeping in contact with Heather Dawes and Sandi Duffy our two wonderful nurses. They're both in isolation at home as we are unable to provide our face to face health care clinics at Louth and Spalding.

Whilst coronavirus rages on and life is turned upside down, this photo was taken of their conference call today (Thursday) and clearly shows that the world is topsy turvy in more ways than one!

A return to normal for us all would be very welcome, but luckily Sandi's 90-degree diversion was only shortlived and luckily for her, just due to a technical hitch, not a redesign of her Lincolnshire house!

Please send us your funny photos and we'll publish them to keep our spirits up.

And if you're in need of a bit more than a giggle and would like someone to talk to, please get in touch.