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The #MadMayMarathon literally went Mad!

Sat in an online ‘teams’ meeting one day, someone mentioned the concept of a virtual event. “let’s try and raise the social media profile and remind people we’re here”. It was agreed that we would put a proposal together for the next board meeting, thinking it would only really involve 40 or maybe 50 people the idea of the #MadMayMarathon was born. 

Logos were designed, web pages built, and snoods ordered, now to create a social media campaign and get some participants, who could have predicted it would take off as it did.

In the lead-up to the beginning of May, the social media coverage was slowly starting to take off using the #MadMayMarathon and the registrations were coming in thick and fast. Then the most unbelievable thing happened, Trustee, Alex Godfrey, announced that he was planning to run an actual marathon in May. Yes, that’s right the full 26.2miles in one go. With the posts on social media increasing by the day and Alex’s pledge to run a marathon, we didn’t think things could get much better but then it happened, the donations for people’s efforts started to trickle in.

Marathon day was here for Alex and his friend and LRSN supporter Charles Anyan offered to run the second half alongside him. The team gathered in Alex’s home village to welcome him back. After a mere 4hours and 11minutes of running with a huge smile on his face, Alex turned the corner onto the home straight with a quick check of his mileage on his watch he slowed to a stop at the village pond. What an achievement, Alex had run his marathon in May. Phenomenal effort all around, we were a very proud team that day.

The registrations kept coming in throughout the month totaling 173 participants, with people signing up from not only all over Lincolnshire, but we had participants from Cornwall, Brighton, and North Yorkshire. We had people from age 5 up to 81 taking part, it truly was a challenge everyone could join in with.

We’d like to thank everyone who joined in with the #MadMayMarathon, all of the participants, the team from Wilkin Chapman who took on the challenge as a company, the four members of Lincolnshire Young Farmers who took to the roads on what was the hottest day of the year to walk their 26 miles in one go and of course to Alex for his epic marathon.

We would also like to thank everyone who has donated toward the #MadMayMarathon so far there has been over £5,000 raised that will go towards helping farming families in Lincolnshire. 

If you would like to donate there is still time, simply click here to visit our JustGiving page.