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Thank you Molly! Go for it Tina!

We are so proud of our friends Molly McKay and Tina Blythe. They've teamed up again this year to raise funds for LRSN - last year's triumph raised many thousands of pounds for Women V Cancer - an organisation that unites women and charities in the battle against female cancers.

Molly's challenge this year was to enter the Red Bull Soapbox Challenge, a gruelling down-hill go-cart race in home-made carts at Alexandra Palace in London. Molly and her friends from Westpoint Farm Vets designed, built and tested the wonderful Miss Daisy and last Sunday, 7 July, they came 10th, 24th and 36th in the race. (Don't ask why there are three leaderboards, there just are!) The team members were Ian Crutchley, Richard Tagg, Vanessa Tagg and Molly McKay. 

Molly said: "Building Daisy has been great fun, Richard has been master engineer and Ian master designer; we also had huge fun learning the performance, learning to drive her and showing the British public the positive side of British Farming and that farmers are talented folks that like to have fun! All the money that we raise for LRSN is a bonus."

You can view the preparations and watch the team at the race on their Facebook page, here.

This year's challenges for Tina Blythe are multiple: in May she organised a Chine Supper at the Malcolm Arms, Anton's Gowt and she's now dyed her Suffolk ewe “Tweets” in LRSN colours and is taking her around the shows to raise money. Last year, Tweets was pink!

Like Molly, Tina is also taking her life into her own hands and is entering a 10k obstacle race! We’ll be cheering Tina on (from the sidelines, of course) as she attempts the “Only Fools Ride Horses” 10k at Stratford St Mary, in Essex on 18 August. The course runs over an equestrian cross-country course, with added “Del Boy” challenges and plenty of surprises.

Tina says: “Firstly, I’d like to make it clear that I’m really not built for running, never mind a 10k mud run! It’s an activity that puts me totally out of my comfort zone.

“However, this charity helps people out in a very close and proud community, including people close to me. This is my motivation to get off the sofa at night, get training and have a go. I would really appreciate it if you could support my challenge for this worthy cause. Thank you!”

If you would like to support Tina, please go to our Justgiving page,, and donate to us, adding “Texel Tina’s 10k Muddy Madness in the comments box.

Come on Tina!