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Prince’s Countryside Fund grant supports Lincs farmers

This autumn’s unprecedented rainfall has meant that much of the planned autumn land work has gone by the wayside. The stress and worry of waiting for dry weather whilst tonnes of seed and fertiliser lie waiting in farm sheds and fields stand waterlogged, is of great concern to everyone involved in our industry.

For farmers whose land has been flooded, with 19 sites in the county reported by the Environment Agency, but in particular the Barlings Eau, Dorrington Catchwater, Billinghay Skirth and Timberland Delph breaches, the issues will be much longer-lasting.

In November, LRSN was contacted by the Prince’s Countryside Fund with the offer of emergency grant funding, to enable support organisations to provide help and advice to communities affected by the weather. We applied and were successful in gaining a grant to enable Lea Schofield, our staff caseworker to work an extra day a week for six months from early December.

LRSN Project Manager, Alison Twiddy said: “We are incredibly grateful to the Fund for thinking of us and enabling Lea to spend time with farmers and their families as they tackle both the physical and emotional effects of the autumn weather.”

Click on the link to the Farming Recovery Fund which has just opened (6 January 2020) to help farmers affected by breaches in flood defences and rivers overtopping, with grants from £500 to £25,000 available until 31 July 2020. We are reminded too, that farmers should take advice about crop diversification and environmental schemes affected by flooding and waterlogged land.

If you would like Lea to visit and help with any issues you’re facing as a result of flooding or waterlogged land, please ring our helpline, 0800 138 1710 and ask.

Our helpline is free and is open from 8am to 6pm, 365 days of the year.

Thank you to Michael Kheng, The Drone Man Kurnia Aerial Photography, for the photograph of Short Ferry.