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Brigg Inner Wheel raise £1000 for LRSN!

On Thursday 28th May our Project Manager, Alison Twiddy, attended a meeting of the Brigg Inner Wheel to tell them about LRSN and everything that we do.  Lesley Alderson, President of the group, said “Everyone is impressed with what LRSN is doing and the vast amount of issues you deal with and advise on.  I recognise that not many of the group realised the extent and variety of things LRSN tackle and the lengths to which you go to help our farming and rural industry” so it was a great opportunity to inform the group of our work and hopefully spread the word to those that we can help too. Alison was also presented with a cheque for the sum of £1000 from the group which was raised at their Fashion Show this year, a fantastic amount- thank you to all the group for such support!