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LRSN and partners launch the Rural + Workshop

On 5th February 2017 LRSN, NFYFC, Lincs Young Farmers and FCN launched the Rural+ Workshop at the Lincolnshire Showground to train LRSN caseworkers and volunteers and "Train the Trainer" accredited  Young Farmers, FCN volunteers, and other partners to deliver the Rural+ initiative to Young Farmers' clubs all over the country over the next 12-18 months.

The Rural + Initiative

Rural+ is the brain child of Claire Worden, set up during her Chairmanship of the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs in 2014.

The aim of Rural+ is to provide information and tools to encourage Young Farmers' Clubs to become a strong support network for rural young people who may experience rural isolation and mental health issues.

The campaign has the following objectives: 
1.            To raise awareness of the factors contributing to rural isolation and the signs and symptoms for young people experiencing mental health issues.
2.            To identify how YFC supports members (as individuals), to help reduce the feelings of rural isolation and alleviate the symptoms.  
3.            To address the issues of rural isolation through NFYFC projects, making sure members are able to voice their opinions and influence policy makers.
4.            To identify and work with organisations that can help members and make sure that club members have access to them.

Rural+ workshops have been developed by people within NFYFC, Farming Community Network, local young farmer clubs and Lincolnshire Rural Support Network and are now ready to be delivered. In Lincolnshire this will be delivered jointly by a Lincolnshire YFC trainer and an LRSN member, to all 15 Lincolnshire clubs over the next 12 to 18 months.  This approach will mean that if any sensitive or difficult issues arise there will be sufficient support within the session to help anyone who might struggle with the topics covered.

Matt Caldicott from NFYFC has been intrinsically involved with the development of this project from the beginning and he very kindly offered to deliver this training event for the benefit of those who want to be involved in delivering the workshops to Young Farmers' Clubs, both within Lincolnshire and nationally.

The event was made possible thanks to the generous legacy from Stuart Hemington, past Chairman of LRSN, and we were delighted that his wife Pauline and family were able to join us to be part of Stuart’s legacy and could see how his support will help the health and wellbeing of the next generation of Lincolnshire’s farmers and young people working in the industry.

30 people attended the event and engaged in discussions and role play throughout the presentation to develop a deeper understanding of how to present the workshop to the young farmres' clubs when the inititative is rolled out in the next few months. More work is needed to finalise the workshops but LRSN and LIncolnshire Young Farmers are working together to start as soon as possible. For more information please contact:

Alison Twiddy, Project Manager: Tel: 07725 203560

Sophie Dunn, PR, Administration and Events: Tel: 07738 741150


This workshop event has been possible thanks to many partners but in particular we would like to thank the following:
National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs (
With over 25,000 members and 644 clubs, the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) is one of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK. The National Federation heads up these clubs providing the framework for a whole host of exciting events, competitions and new experiences. Led by young people, for young people, Young Farmers' Clubs provide anyone aged 10 to 26 with a fantastic chance to meet lifelong friends, learn new skills, make a real difference to the local community and even travel the world!

Farming Community Network (
 FCN strives to make itself known to any and all in the farming community who might one day need them or who might like to help and support the charity.  FCN has a clear Christian ethos in everything it does. All its services are made available to those in need from all faiths or none in a supportive, non-judgmental manner.

Lincolnshire Young Farmers (Helen Jones, County Development Officer: ,
Lincolnshire Federation of Young Farmers Clubs is a rural youth organisation that is open to young people between the ages of 10 and 26yrs who live in Lincolnshire. Led by young people for young people a county programme of events aims to provide members with opportunties and life experiences. There is the opportunity to develop skills, work in their community, take part in a varied competitions programme and enjoy a dynamic social life.

Mrs Pauline Hemington and family