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Louth Livestock Market is saved!

In our recent newsletters, we have been encouraging everyone to have their say about ELDC’s consultation about their future plans for Louth Market.  It has been heartening to see so much enthusiasm and debate on the subject and the public meetings have been well attended, with the most recent one on 27 September where the council overlooked aproposal to close the livestock marketin favour of a plan to spend around £700,000 to give it a make-over. We are delighted to report that the recommendation of the board gained the approval of full council, at a meeting on October 11th, and the future of the livestock market has hopefully been decided once and for all and this will see ELDC withdraw from the sale of the Livestock Market site.

This is great news for us here at LRSN as the market provides a vital location for us to deliver our health screening and outreach service, which is so valued by traders at the market.  We hope that all the recent support and enthusiasm for the market will now be translated into actions to make the refurbished site a vital part of the Louth and surrounding rural area’s economy.