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It's Farm Safety Week - Stay Safe!

For Farm Safety Week 2020, our wonderful volunteer, Andrew has produced three short films to remind us to stay safe on the farm and on the road. Please remember that safety on the farm is not just about one week, it's about every day of the year. 

Stay Safe on the Road

Foot safety

Safe Loads

Farming and Mental Health

Our industry faces many stress factors, which are placing increasing pressure on workers and putting them at greater risk of mental ill health. These include extended amounts of time working in isolation, a blurring between work and home life, and financial uncertainty. Last year 32 farm workers lost their lives due to accidents in the workplace however, equally tragic is that, in 2018, there were 83 suicides amongst people working in agricultural and related trades in England and Wales.

Farm Safety Foundation research revealed that four out of five young farmers (under 40) believe that mental health is the biggest hidden problem facing farmers today. In 2018 the Foundation launched a campaign – Mind Your Head – to raise awareness of this growing issue in the industry and, since then, one thing has become evident; farmer health and wellbeing can not, and should not, be ignored – by any of us.

For more information about Farm Safety Week, visit or the Health and Safety Executive's Agriculture pages, here