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Vic's Head Shave: Hair today, gone on the 27th September!

The South Ormsby Group of Parishes present "GOING GOING GONE!!!- Hair Today Gone on Sept 27th"  at 3pm at the Edward Richardson School

Reverend Cheryl Hilliam intends to have her head shaved to raise funds for The Group, The School   & St Andrew's Children Hospice as a final fundraising effort before retiring next year so please help support her through this daunting challenge.

Please make any donations payable to:T.S.B., Head Shave 2015 , Sort Code:77-72-12 Acc’t:37 59 73 60  (or join in with the fundraiser and donate at the event or give/send to Cheryl)

Refreshments will be available at St.Mary’s Church. For any further information please contact Cheryl Hilliam on 01507-480236 or

The South Ormsby Group of Parishes in cludes the Parishes of: Bag Enderby, Brinkhill, Calceby, Driby, Farforth, Ketsby, Harrington, Haugh, Maidenwell, Oxcombe, Ruckland, Salmonby, Somersby, South Ormsby, Tetford. Worlaby.