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Breaking news! A Consultation is launched on the future of Louth Livestock Market

Your views are needed!

East Lindsey District Council have launched a consultation on the future of the Louth Livestock Market and your views are needed!

Make sure you  contribute to this consultation and have your say on the future of this historic market.

Copy this link to Radio Lincolnshire's coverage on the views of people at the Livestock Market on Thursday 13th July when Radio Presenter Melvyn Prior visited the market, including interviews with Rev Alan Robson and LRSN's nurse Sandi Duffy: (Rev Alan Robson's interview airs at 2hrs, 11 mins, 25 secs and Sandi's at 2hrs, 38 mins, 32 secs).

Below is a message sent on behalf of Councillor Craig Leyland, Leader, East Lindsey District Council which explains their consultation process and how to send your views to the council.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: Livestock Market facility consultation

East Lindsey District Council has launched a public consultation in regard to the future of Livestock Market provision in Louth.

In 2016 the Council appointed the ADV Partnership as preferred bidder for the existing Livestock Market site on Newmarket in Louth following a marketing exercise.  The Council has been progressing a redevelopment opportunity for the site for a number of years, recognising that the 5.32 acre brownfield site close to the existing town centre boundary has the potential to boost the economy of the area by attracting new businesses; creating jobs and increasing footfall to the town.  If the Council were to agree to sell the site, the ADV Partnership has said it would bring forward a retail-led proposal.

Before the Council decides on the way forward it is seeking the views of the community on how it should progress with regard to the Livestock Market facility.  At present Louth’s Royal Charters from the 16th and 17th centuries mean there is a requirement for the Council to provide a ‘beast market’ facility in the Louth area.  In recent years there has been a decline in the use of the existing Livestock market, which takes place on a Thursday morning.  

The following options have been put to public consultation:

1.    Redevelop the existing Livestock Market site and build a new Livestock Market facility on the Fairfield Industrial Estate (at a cost of £4m-£5m).

2.    Suspend the current Livestock Market and seek a Private Act of Parliament to remove the requirement for the District Council to provide a Livestock Market in Louth (financial cost up to £200,000. Royal Charters remain in place but amended).

3.    Withdraw from the sale process with the ADV Partnership and refurbish the current site (financial cost would be the loss of the sale value for the site; the requirement for the Council to spend up to £700,000 on refurbishment of the existing facility and ongoing maintenance liabilities).

These three options are included in the consultation that runs until September 6, 2017.

There is a specific consultation form for users of the Livestock Market which aims to secure information about usage trends and matters users believe the Council needs to take into account when making its decision.  The Council is already providing information about the consultation to the farming community via the NFU and Rural Support Network and directly engaging with them via the existing Livestock Market.  There is a more general consultation form available for the wider public.

We would like to invite you to take part in the consultation to help inform the decision on the way forward.  You can either do this by completing the consultation form at the link below and/or by writing to We’d also be grateful if you could promote the consultation to others who you believe might have an interest

The decision is expected to be taken at Council on October 11, 2017.   

Full consultation details and information can be viewed at 

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Craig Leyland
Leader, East Lindsey District Council