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Weather worries? LRSN can help

This autumn's unprecedented rainfall has brought many challenges to Lincolnshire's farmers and growers. 

With inches of rain falling in October and early November and more forecast, many farmers are facing waterlogged and flooded fields. Watercourses have again burst their banks and flood alleviation schemes have been implemented, meaning many thousands of acres of Lincolnshire farmland are under water. 

As with the flooding in the Wainfleet area in June, LRSN is ready to help farmers and growers who need support and advice during these stressful times. We understand the stresses and strains that bad weather puts on your business, your health and on your family.

We have updated our essential contacts sheet that was first made available in June and are re-publishing the Royal College of Psychiatrists guidance "Coping after a traumatic event" for any farmers or growers and their families who feel they are in need of help in distressing times. And read our "Five Steps" leaflet to find out how LRSN can help you.

LRSN is available to help. Don't suffer in silence - as the saying goes, "it's OK not to be OK".

Ring our helpline - 0800 138 1710. We are open from 8am to 6pm every day of the year. Experienced and knowledgeable people from the farming community are one the end of the phone to help. 

Go to our drop-in centres. Each week we are at Newark Livestock Market and fortnightly (on alternate weeks) at Louth Livestock  Market and Spalding Horticultural Auction. Click here for more information on where and when we are available.

On the political front, NFU is lobbying Defra for a "supportive and pragmatic approach to dealing with wet weather impacts", and has issued comprehensive practical advice for farmers and growers on what you can do if your land is waterlogged or flooded. Click here to view the NFU's advice pages. And you can find out more about weather warnings and flood risk by clicking on the NFU's flooding toolbox page, here.

LRSN has a service tailored to your needs, so whether you just need short term support to get you through a bad patch, or more sustained help and advice for a bigger problem, we can help you get back on track so that you can focus on the future again.