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Chris and Kelly's 2020 Marathon Challenge

Two intrepid agriculturalists are running marathons to raise funds for LRSN this year.

Chris Hewis and Kelly Hewson-Fisher will be running on 5 April in two marathons (one each, not two!). Chris will run his 26.2 miles in Paris at the same time at Kelly is taking part in Manchester.

You can support them with donations through our JustGiving campaign page,

Read more about their stories here:

Kelly Hewson Fisher is Anglian Water’s catchment adviser in Lincolnshire. She said: “I started running after the birth of my second daughter in order to help my fitness, lose weight and support positive mental health. I was amazed at how good a short run could make me feel – like I could tackle anything. I went on to complete a couple of half marathons and I then completed the London and Edinburgh marathons – on both occasions raising money for charities close to my heart. After struggling with running for a couple of years, I remembered why I ran: positive mental health and I started picking up the miles again.

“Following in Chris’s footsteps, I decided, having said “never again!”, to run the Manchester marathon and raise money for LRSN. I am very lucky to volunteer for LRSN and see first-hand the difference donations of all shapes and sizes can make. Chris and I will keep you all posted with our journey – we’re already looking forward to the finish line on 5 April.”

Chris, a beef and arable farmer from North Lincolnshire, joined Caistor running club in March 2015; he remembers: “It was a combination of circumstances that got me into running. My wife had taken up running as a beginner sometime around 2012, had joined a local club and started entering events, and so I had been there to offer support for her and the other club members. Katy was an inspiration and went from beginner to Marathon runner. It struck me as I stood near the finish line of the Paris Marathon that these people were of all shapes and sizes and ages, and I got to thinking, "If they can do it, maybe I can do it", but still dismissed it as I was one of those people who didn't do exercise.

“Then, rounding up cattle one day in 2014 I realised how I was feeling out of breath and I wasn't as fit as I ought to be. So, I plucked up the courage to go along to the beginners' course at Caistor Running Club in March 2015, and that is where it started. Not only getting fitter but enjoying it. I was pleased to be able to run 5k without stopping by the end of the course. I then progressed to 10k runs and in the Autumn, decided to enter a half Marathon, not only to give myself probably my greatest personal challenge at that time but to raise some funds for charity too.

“I ran my first Marathon in London in April 2018, and completed the Liverpool Marathon in May 2019, but keep thinking back to how much I enjoyed seeing the finish line in Paris, what it spurred me on to, and how great a feeling it would be for me to be doing it. So that is why I have entered and hope to be pounding the streets of Paris on Sunday 5 April 2020.”

If you would like to support Chris and Kelly, you can donate via the LRSN JustGiving page,

You can add Gift Aid to your donation through JustGiving and help us raise even more funds!