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Thank you to Waitrose

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought much disruption to LRSN's fundraising this year, but we have been incredibly fortunate to receive grant funding from a number of different sources.

Earlier this year we were one of three charities to receive £333 from the Waitrose store at Lincoln as one of it's Community Matters green token scheme charities. Because of coronavirus, the store kindly divided their £1000 monthly charity donation equally between us. But when the opportunity to apply for a much larger sum came up in May, Sue Dorr, the store's Community Champion nominated LRSN and supported our application. We received a wonderful surprise when in late July £2,000 was awarded to us.

This case study* illustrates how every aspect of life can be affected so quickly and devastatingly and why the support provided by Waitrose is so vital so that we can help many more families facing tough times.

LRSN was contacted by a farmer who had lost both his parents (who had separated) within the space of a few weeks of each other.

Not only did the family have their grief issues, there were now added financial issues due to needing to fund both funerals.

The family had also suffered the tragic loss of a child in recent years and the farmer was suffering with depression.

LRSN’s caseworkers worked alongside the family to apply for grants from the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) to be able to finance the funeral and to navigate the probate process.

We also provided emotional and practical support so that the family could grieve appropriately, avoiding the need to engage with outside mental health services.

During our contact with the farmer, his daughter also sought help from caseworkers to address some of her own practical and financial stresses, which she did not feel able to deal with alone nor bring added anxiety to her family and whilst also supporting her parents.

Our caseworkers have been described as “the bean poles which held our family up throughout this time”.

The grant provided by Waitrose Community Matters funding this summer has helped us to support 121 farming and rural families with many and varied problems.

Between March and June, 19 cases came to us with problems directly caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Some, with pre-existing issues, found that the added pressures imposed by lockdown increased their levels of anxiety and they sought further support from us.

LRSN is there to support them and their families and for anyone in Lincolnshire’s farming and rural communities who need our help.