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Investing In Volunteers

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About LRSN

Mission Statement Info

Mission statement: To harness the human and financial resources available to improve social and mental wellbeing of individuals in rural Lincolnshire, in particular, but not exclusively, through the provision of information and support.

Our Values

We Listen

We provide a listening ear in times of crisis, anxiety and stress

We serve others

We are committed to delivering a service which is responsive, non-judgemental and confidential and treats all those using it with fairness and equality

We reach out

We maximise opportunities to make our service accessible by offering multiple and varied pathways in line with customer need

We care

We provide a caring and compassionate service to understand, help and advocate on behalf of those in need

We value people

We act in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every person; those whom we serve, our supporters, our donors, our volunteers, our staff and all those we work with

We strive for excellence

We are constantly evolving and developing to build our skills to maintain and improve the service we provide

Registered Charity Info

We are a registered incorporated charity set up in 1999.

Costs & How We Spend Our Money

What it costs to run LRSN

Our annual running costs are currently running at approximately £101,000 but will rise to about £120,000 to enable our services to be expanded by 2018.

Running Costs explained:

Charitable costs

Administrator's Salary & Costs 17,665
Managers Salary  16,519
Travel  5,277
Volunteers  127
Market Nurses (including consumables)  19,995
Case Workers  11,486
Other Costs  
Training  3,207
Depreciation  953
Insurance  1,722
Publicity  8,305
Postage, stationery, and software  8,015
Governance Costs  1,661
Cost of Generating Funds  5,905
Total  £100,837
Annual Report

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Annual Accounts

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LRSN Personnel

Significantly nearly everyone within LRSN is a volunteer. We currently have 36 volunteers in the roles of Patrons, Directors, Caseworkers, Helpliners, Healthcare and our marketing group PIPs.

Patrons: We currently have 8 Patrons including honorary posts fulfilled by Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire, High Sheriff of Lincolnshire and the Bishop of Lincoln.

Directors: We currently have 11 Trustee Directors who meet four times a year with an Annual General Meeting in October. Each Trustee Director serves for a period of 3 years before the review of their appointment.

Volunteers: We currently have approximately 29 organised into three main groups - Caseworkers, Helpliners and PIPS (Promotion, Ideas and Publicity).

Staff: The Project Manager manages a team of 5 part time staff and the volunteers

Organisations LRSN Work With

Working With: Nottinghamshire Rural Support, Lincolnshire Chaplaincy Service, Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, Woldmarsh Producers Ltd., Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust, NFU, YFC, RABI, Macmillan, Lincolnshire and Rural Community Fund, Louth Livestock Market, Newark Livestock Market, Spalding Auction.

Postal Address:

Lincolnshire Rural Support Network,
c/o Lincolnshire Agricultural Society,
Lincolnshire Showground,

"We are pleased to be able to enhance the service that we can provide to the rural community by linking with various organisations, and are very grateful for the support that they provide to LRSN work. Our collaborative partnerships provide a much greater depth to our service at a much better value"

Meryl Ward, MBE, Chairman of LRSN

Talk to us on our helpline:

0800 138 1710